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Book cover of Restaurant Management the Myth, the Magic, the Math by Bruce Nelson


Learn the most common financial mistakes independent restaurateurs make and the strategies that can turn around any restaurant. Order now!

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Restaurant Interior

Why do most independent restaurants fail?
Though they may have created beautiful menus and warm inviting atmospheres, they simply failed to apply basic restaurant financial fundamentals! Learn how a dishwasher, turned restaurant manager, turned CFO, mastered the financial strategies that lead to a career of financial success. You will see how budding restaurateurs may win accolades from fans and the press but fail to keep a financially deficient restaurant open.
By following Bruce’s 40-year restaurant career, you’ll learn the most common financial mistakes independent restaurateurs make and the strategies that can turn around any restaurant. In this book, you’ll learn the business strategies that, when applied to any hospitality operation, will ensure success.
Make your financial operations effortless by learning the Math of restaurant operations, avoiding the most common Myths of restaurant operations, and turning the Magic of restaurant operations into success!
Bonne fortune financière!

Practical, Essential knowledge, and funny!

Willpower and determination alone will not make a timely and essential, if you want to know what you MUST do to start your new restaurant or keep the one you have alive. With wit, wisdom, and Stoic humility, Mr. Nelson shares his (hard-won) personal experience to illustrate the core principles that make restaurants sustainable AND profitable. I appreciated the math lessons at the end with examples of how to actually calculate costs do menu pricing. restaurant successful!

- Shelia

Valuable Book!


This spectacularly useful book is right for the beginner or “seasoned” restaurant owner/manager. Mr. Nelson takes us through his studies in the “school of hard knocks” to his conclusions about what is required for restaurants to succeed.

He is a wonderful mentor in this tome, guiding the reader to the same common sense principles he learned the hard way.

Any restaurateur, new or seasoned, will find something useful and profitable in this book.

Carl M. Andersen

Best business book I have read in a LONG time!


Having spent 20+ years in the restaurant industry as both a restaurateur and in Sales and Marketing, I can honestly say that Myth, Magic, the Math is the most important book an aspiring restauranteur should read! Back in the day, if you were dreaming of opening a business, it was recommended that you first read eMyth Revisited or Good To Great. While both of those books are great, Bruce's recent restaurant experiences and innovative method of thinking about making a profit, will prove his book to be the most important book for new and established entrepreneurs to read.

- H. Rosati

Photo of Author Bruce Nelson

About Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson’s restaurant career spans over four decades and includes working every conceivable position within a restaurant. Career highlights include Catering Manager for D’Amico + Partners’ Atrium Catering, General Manager at Cossetta’s Market and Eatery, General Manager at Suite Life Catering at Target Center, Chef Instructor for Le Cordon Bleu and CFO of Nova Restaurant Group.


Bruce's leadership style incorporates ethics, humor and a fair dose of sports analogies. His business philosophy teaches that all forms of free commerce are predicated on both customer and business benefiting from the exchange of goods and services. Being a successful business operator does not mean creating a scenario where one party can win if the other party loses but to develop an environment where both parties win. Therefore, successful businesses need to look at the goal of profitability as a puzzle to solve, rather than a battlefield to conquer.


Mr. Nelson’s passion lies in teaching restaurant operators how to solve the profitability puzzle.


Willpower and determination alone will not make your restaurant successful!


Creating a magical restaurant experience does not guarantee financial success!


Applying simple mathematical principles will turn your dream restaurant into a financial success!

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