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Restauranttopia Podcast - Episode 36: Interview with Bruce Nelson

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Episode 36: Interview with Bruce Nelson, author of Restaurant Management: The Myth, the Magic, the Math

Bruce Nelson’s restaurant career spans over four decades and includes working every conceivable position within a restaurant. Career highlights include Catering Manager for D’Amico + Partners’ Atrium Catering, General Manager at Cossetta’s Market and Eatery, General Manager at Suite Life Catering at Target Center, Chef Instructor for Le Cordon Bleu and CFO of Nova Restaurant Group. Mr. Nelson leadership style incorporates ethics, humor and a fair dose of sports analogies. His business philosophy teaches that all forms of free commerce are predicated on both customer and business benefiting from the exchange of goods and services. Being a successful business operator does not mean creating a scenario where one party can win if the other party loses but to develop an environment where both parties win. Therefore, successful businesses need to look at the goal of profitability as a puzzle to solve, rather than a battlefield to conquer. Mr. Nelson’s passion lies in teaching restaurant operators how to solve the profitability puzzle.


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